Welcome to Khu Larb Thai

"The Rose of Thailand"

Each item on our menu is artfully prepared to achieve a harmonious balance of flavors, colors and textures. Aromatic ingredients like lemon grass, kaffir lime and holy basil are the tantalizing reminders of Thailand’s part in the spice trade. Our recipes reflect the Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences on this distinctive cuisine.

Our dishes are made from the best cuts of poultry and meat, the freshest seafood, and an assortment of vegetable that have been harvested in their prime. Our savory curries and soup stocks are prepared from scratch, using time-honored recipes from the traditional Thai kitchen.

A traditional Thai lunch or dinner consists of several dishes, with each lending its unique flavors to the meal. For this reason, we encourage you to choose food from all four corners of our menu, starting with an appetizer or soup and ending with our signature coconut ice cream for dessert. Do not forget the rice. Steamed to a light and fluffy texture, our long-grain white variety is the unifier- - healthful, nutritious and served throughout Thailand at humble family meals and formal banquets alike.

Visitors to my country of birth are surprised by the many kinds of chilies for sale in our outdoor markets. Perhaps this is why, in come circles, Thai food has earned a - - not just in cooking but in al aspects of life. We invite you to season your meal, perhaps with a dusting of crushed chili pepper, to suit your tastes.

Incidentally, the word Thai means "free"- - a fitting title for a proud nation that has never experienced colonial rule. It's also a good name for our restaurant independently operated and owned by the members of my family, who came here from Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand. We pride ourselves on the special ambiance and unique bills of fare at our family restaurant.

" Sawasdee, Khu Larb Thai"